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how to support a family member in detoxThere is no doubt that having a family member with a substance abuse problem is very difficult and has an effect on the entire family.  However, just as the family can be devastated by having to watch a loved one go through an illness like this, they can also celebrate that person’s recovery through therapy and rehabilitation. While your loved one is going through their treatment program, there are ways that you can support them.

Participate In Treatment And Recovery Where You Can

During a loved one’s detox program, the family is urged to participate in certain ways during treatment and even further throughout the patient’s ongoing recovery. It is important for each family member to learn ways to assist in the process and also how to understand the emotional ramifications that the substance abuse has had on the family.

Become Educated On Important Family Related Issues Pertaining To Addiction, Therapy, Rehabilitation and Recovery

Family members need to be aware of common warning signs and educate themselves on how to recognize the difference between providing help to a loved one and enabling them.  Even though it may feel as though you are helping, sometimes that help is actually just enabling a family member to continue or relapse into their substance abuse.  Learning the difference can ensure that you are a part of their recovery and rehabilitation.

Setting Goals and Boundaries

While it is sometimes challenging, it is very important to properly identify boundaries in order to sustain healthy family relationships. A lack of boundaries can be very harmful and lead to an increased chance for substance abuse to recur, having a negative effect on the family as a whole. Conversely, setting goals that support long-term recovery is highly beneficial to each family member.  If each person within the family is involved in the process and committed to supporting each other, in addition to that of their own personal recovery, the long term recovery prognosis will be good.

Participate In Any Family Support Services Offered By The Treatment Center

The stress of substance abuse affects the entire family and can impact every aspect of family life including each relationship within the family unit. Examples include the mental, emotional and physical health of each family member, in addition to financial ramifications. A detox treatment center that is dedicated to long term patient success will likely offer programs for the family of the individual with the substance abuse problem, to facilitate long term recovery through involving and educating the entire family. Trying to navigate the process alone or even just within the family is extremely difficult; which is why it is so important to take part in any support services offered by the treatment center that your loved one is associated with.  Whether it be a family weekend, a seminar or a group therapy session, participation among all family members will make a tremendous impact on the well-being of the family unit.

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