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Drug Detox

First Step is a detoxification center providing personalized care and assistance for patients dealing with various types of substance abuse.

Alcohol Detox

Our team has many years of experience helping people successfully use proven protocols to get sober.

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Welcome to First Step Detox

First Step Detox is not your typical treatment center; we’re a residential Florida detox center with a comfortable and safe environment, so you can detox freely and with dignity. We focus on taking care of every detail so you can get the right treatment and get back to your life as soon as possible.

We offer the utmost in care, comfort, and state of the art protocols designed to support vibrant and purposeful substance-free living. We strive to provide our patients with a less painful and more comfortable experience. With 16 beds set in intimate surroundings, you can be sure to get close personal attention for the very best chance at recovery.

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Why Should You Detox?

Medical experts recommend that people who suffer from substance abuse go through medical detox when they decide to quit. This is because people who struggle with addiction experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking drugs. Unfortunately, these symptoms could lead to complications and can result in severe addiction.

At First Step, we understand what you are going through and will do whatever it takes to help you regain control of your life, successfully.

  • Less discomfort and pain during detoxification, thanks to the training of our highly skilled staff.
  • The ability to break free from your addiction and live life on your own terms.

Benefits of Our Inpatient Program

Inpatient treatment is one of the options that you have at First Step. While every program is meant to relieve withdrawal symptoms, most people prefer the inpatient method as it allows you to stay in the clinic until all the drugs are expelled from your body. Moreover, inpatient treatment provides a stress-free environment and helps avoid temptations that may trigger drug use.

You don’t have to worry about work, family, or school responsibilities. You can focus on healing and behavioral change so you can easily maintain sobriety. One thing you’ll appreciate about First Step is our loving and caring staff that can help you manage both physical and emotional symptoms until withdrawal is over.

The right program also keeps the patient as comfortable as possible during the process. With a highly trained staff that is available 24/7, the patient can quickly recover without undergoing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

What our Center Clients Say:

We’re always so happy to showcase our success stories and testimonials from the many men and women who left our facility as completely different people compared to how they entered.

  • My wife was threatening to leave me, and I really didn’t have many options. I was deciding between a place in Fort Lauderdale, and here. When I arrived, I was shocked that the setting was laid back, and not like a hospital. The other place I went was not like this.

  • The process was smooth, and quick. They made sure I was comfortable every step of the way, and kept in communication with my family. The amenities here made it seem less like a hospital, and more like a relaxing place to safely detox. Thanks.

  • I was shaking, and having some scary withdrawal symptoms the last time I went to detox. This time when I came here, everything went well, and I don’t remember a minute of feeling uncomfortable. You were all very professional. I am grateful.

  • I was sober for 3 years before coming to the first step detox. I must say that I was extremely impressed by the medical staff, and the attention they gave me the entire time I was there. In the last place, I seemed to be another number, and was lost in the mix.


We Accept Insurance

Call Us to Verify Yours Now

What Happens in Detox?

Treatment at a professional detoxification facility involves:

Medical Evaluation: When you’re first admitted to a detox program, step one is to undergo an assessment where a medical professional asks you a set of questions about your emotional and physical health. A person’s medical history is also assessed to determine if a detox center is right.

Diagnosis: In certain cases, it may be clear that there is an underlying medical disorder or a co-occurring psychological issue. If this is the case, additional testing may be required to determine whether or not the underlying issue needs treatment.

Medical Monitoring: Within the first 24 hours after admission, a physician is assigned to monitor your vital signs as well as evaluate other aspects of your physical condition. You may meet with other therapists and staff members in the program.

Medications: You may need to take certain medications, depending on your needs. Some drugs help to relieve severe or even fatal withdrawal symptoms.

Diet: Some programs provide special diets if you have certain food allergies such as lactose or gluten intolerance. Most people in detox programs have nutritional deficiencies as a result of poor diets. A medical expert assesses this and may recommend certain supplements and vitamins as needed.

Why Choose Our Facility for Treatment

Despite the withdrawal symptoms some experience, recovery is possible. At First Step Detox, we create individualized programs suited for each patient’s needs. Addiction is a progressive and chronic neurobiological disease that is accompanied by social and spiritual implications.

Our holistic and natural approach to healing ensures that we cater to one’s emotional, physical and mental needs.

We also have qualified and experienced medical staff that provides assistance and medical supervision round the clock. When looking for a reputable detox center near me, we’re the ideal facility to get the results you need. Contact us today or call 877-389-1135.