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Substance abuse treatment can be a long and challenging journey. Detox is arguably the most important step on that journey. Explore how detox starts the recovery process and learn why a quality detox program is important.

Why Detox is a Critical Part of Substance Abuse Treatment

Woman Starting Substance Abuse Treatment with Detox

Detox is a necessary part in the addiction recovery process. Without detox, patients won’t be able to break those ties to addictive substances. Furthermore, patients who don’t complete detox won’t be ready to move forward in other substance abuse recovery programs.

Detox is challenging because it initiates the withdrawal process. When this happens, patients can expect to struggle for a few days. After a successful medically monitored detox, however, patients will be healthy and able to function without relying on addictive substances. With substances no longer present in their system, they’ll be able to think logically and rationally, and they’ll be ready to transition into recovery programs.

The Detox Timeline

All patients will have a unique detox experience. Various factors can influence the withdrawal period and how long a detox will last. Overall, however, the timeline will be roughly the same. On average, most patients will complete detox within 10 days.

The detox timeline begins as soon as patients consume their final dose of drugs or sip of alcohol. Then, initial withdrawal symptoms typically kick in eight or nine hours after that final consumption.

Symptoms typically worsen from there, often picking up steam and feeling similar to the flu within 24 hours. They may intensify until 72 hours into the detox, when most patients will reach the peak of withdrawal symptoms. After that, symptoms typically recede. Most patients will continue to feel better and better until the detox is complete.

What Patients Can Expect in Detox

Patients should understand the importance of detox and also what to expect from the experience. Although withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, the benefits far outweigh any temporary discomfort.

While in detox, medical professionals work with patients to break the chemical and physical bonds that tie them to addictive substances like drugs or alcohol. While breaking emotional and psychological dependence takes more time and effort, detox is the first step toward becoming sober, healthy and happy individuals.

Our alcohol and drug detox can help patients struggling with all kinds of addictions, including:

What Comes Next in Substance Abuse Treatment

After detox, patients should continue their journey to sobriety with further substance abuse treatment. Sober living, residential rehab or outpatient care are all ways to strengthen sobriety and stay committed to a substance-free lifestyle.

In order to break free from addiction, individuals should start with detox. At First Step Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, you can begin living the life you truly deserve. Call 877-817-4776 to learn more about available detox programs and how to begin your recovery journey.