About Our Detox Programs

Detox Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Man With Female Doctor Participating in One of Our Detox Programs

Detox is effective in treating most forms of substance abuse and addiction. However, not all facilities accommodate both drug and alcohol addictions. At First Step detox, we’ve designed our detox programs to help patients struggling with both alcohol and drug addiction, along with any co-occurring mental disorders.

Having targeted detox programs is crucial. For example, an alcohol detox can differ greatly from a cocaine detox. Some of the many ways detox can differ based on addiction type include:

  • Common withdrawal symptoms
  • Symptom severity
  • Detox duration
  • Health risks involved
  • Psychological symptoms

At First Step Detox, our experienced, professional staff treats a wide range of addiction types. Some of the available options include:

  • Cocaine detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Alcohol detox
  • Benzo detox
  • Heroin detox
  • Methadone detox

Our Four-Step Detox Process

Whatever type of detox program patients choose, the process centers around four core steps. These include performing an initial assessment, developing a custom plan, undergoing a medical detox, and finally arranging post-detox treatment.

An initial assessment is an often overlooked but incredibly crucial part of detox. During this initial assessment, counselors ask patients key questions about their medical histories, addiction habits and overall mental health. A thorough evaluation can also determine whether or not special accommodations are necessary.

Once we gather the above vital information, medical staff and patients can then work together to create an individualized plan. This plan could involve weaning or tapering, or it might be an all-natural approach. The planning stage is also a great time for patients to ask questions and learn more about the process.

The medical detox timeline varies from patient to patient. The exact duration will depend on both the addiction itself and the severity. Although many patients complete detox within one week, some patients may take longer.

Following detox, First Step Detox offers recommendations and advice on the next steps. Typically, patients will have a higher chance of recovery if they continue with a comprehensive recovery program.

Comfortable Facility Located in Florida

When patients are in a comfortable, appealing location, detox stands a much higher chance of being successful. Having a professional, well-trained staff can also make a big difference. First Step Detox offers both for all of its patients.

Learn why our detox programs are the best way to begin fighting against addiction. Regain control over your life today and call First Step Detox at 877-817-4776.