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Our Facility

At First Step, we take a unique approach to guiding you on your journey towards detoxing from alcohol and drugs. One part of this is our wonderful facility, which offers you a more comfortable environment as you're dealing with this difficult process.
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We Work with Patients From All Across the Country

This includes luxurious rooms with flat screen televisions, outdoor scenic areas, a community area with entertainment center and a range of other recreational extracurricular activities. All of this provides you with an outlet and helps you to break from your addiction during a detoxification, with less discomfort and pain.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

We combine our great facility with a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who are there to help you at every step. You’ll receive an entirely personalized approach based on what you need and what you’ve been through, and you’ll be treated like family.

We’re Available 24 Hours a Day

877-389-1135┬átoday. We’re available 24 hours per day to provide you with assistance, and we’re ready to tell you more about how we can help with our comfortable and caring detox program.