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It’s no secret that to overcome an addiction, you’ll have to start with the detoxification process. However, knowing how to detox your body isn’t always clear. At First Step in West Palm Beach, we make the process transparent, guided and safe. Take a closer look at how to start your addiction recovery journey.

Acknowledging the Need for Professional Help

The first step in recovery is simply recognizing the need for help. While some individuals can achieve sobriety on their own, many more fail. Recovery is far easier if you have qualified addiction specialists to support and guide you. Acknowledging that fact is the right first step toward lasting sobriety.

Receiving an Initial Intake Assessment

Learn How to eliminate toxins from your bodyNo two patients are exactly the same. Before treatment begins First Step will learn as much as possible about each incoming patient. Typically, that is done during an initial intake assessment.

The initial intake poses a number of questions to incoming patients. A comprehensive physical identifies any health problems that might need to be addressed. It may also involve getting to know family health or addiction history.

The intake assessment also asks questions about previous attempts at recovery and relapse. Our professionals also gather important details like drug consumption habits and duration of use.

Creating a Custom Plan for Your Body

The next step is creating a custom plan based on the information we collect during the intake assessment. As part of your plan, we’ll also address the expected duration of the treatment and any unique health issues.

Having a custom plan means that we meet individual needs whether that involves the use of synthetic medications or special monitoring for high-risk patients, this ensures a safer and more successful experience.

For anywhere from seven days to two weeks, patients will undergo a comprehensive treatment. By this point, patients will have halted drug or alcohol consumption entirely. Often, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms accompany a detox.

First Step offers various detox programs, including:

Attending inpatient treatment at our facility allows for 24/7 monitoring, medical assistance and accountability.

Once you know what the process entails and you’re aware of how to eliminate toxins from your body, you’re ready to take the next step. At First Step in West Palm Beach, Florida, you can embark on a custom plan designed for your recovery. Call 877-389-1135 to take back the life you deserve.