How Long Does Detox Take?

One of the most pressing concerns that people have before coming to our facility is how long the detox process actually takes.

Is there a specific alcohol detox timeline you can depend upon? What about for drugs and other substances?

Here, you’ll learn more about the process involved with detoxification, along with how we’ll be able to help you at First Step.

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There is No Such Thing as One Specific Drug or Alcohol Detox Timeline

How Long Will My Detox Take?

While it would be convenient to say that detox at our drug treatment center always takes three days, or one week, or three weeks, it wouldn’t be factual. The truth is that each person will move at a different pace, based on a huge array of different factors.

One of the most important factors of course is what type of substance you were abusing, from alcohol to prescription painkillers, heroin to cocaine, or anything else. The drug or substance you were using will also have a large bearing on the severity of the withdrawal, along with the intensity and type of symptoms you encounter.

There are many other factors which will have an impact as well. This includes your age and body, how much of the substance you were taking, how frequently and over what period of time, your overall health, your mental and emotional state and a spectrum of other individual factors.

Reading guides for how to detox may tempt you into believing you can accomplish this on your own. However, the only proven successful approach for detoxification is to let somebody else assist you in the process. Quickly reading an at-home how to detox guide won’t get the job done.

Inpatient detox with medical supervision and 24 hour assistance ensures that you don’t give into impulse or put yourself in harm’s way. Through our care and support, we’re also able to help ease the pain and discomfort of this process.

Why Choose First Step Detox?

First Step provides a unique approach for alcohol and drug detox. We offer completely personalized care and support based on each individual. We treat each person as family, and are dedicated to your success and wellbeing.

At our facility, you’ll be able to take advantage of our beautiful site and surroundings, and the warm Florida weather. Relax in the midst of our outdoor scenic areas, enjoy the community area with entertainment center, or feel right at home with the comforts of your luxury room and personal flat screen television.

Our expert staff have helped thousands of patients with drug and alcohol detox, and we’re ready to help you, too. We understand what you’re going through and how difficult this process can be, and we’ll be there at each step of the journey.

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