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One of the worst parts about having heroin addiction is dealing with consistent withdrawal symptoms. When most people begin using the drug, they do it to get “high” and escape from stressful thoughts and feelings for a while. Unfortunately, coming down from that high can feel uncomfortable and agonizing. For this reason, the worst thing you can do attempt to self-detox.

Heroin Addiction and Dependency

Young Man Struggling Alone

You may be wondering how a person gets to the point of addiction. For most people, the problem didn’t start with it, but rather other substances. Opioid painkillers are the most common gateway drugs. It is a cheaper, more potent opiate that many people turn to in order to support their habit.

A dependency develops because the body doesn’t know how to function without the drug in the system. One reason individual progress to heroin is because they developed a physical opioid dependency. When you can’t get more prescriptions, heroin is the alternative. However, a heroin dependency can lead to far worse withdrawal symptoms. Some of these may include:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Nausea
  • Aches and pains
  • Cold sweats
  • Anxiety

Don’t Attempt Self-Detox

Many individuals with an addiction want to stop, but they don’t want to ask anyone for help. When you become a captive to your substance of choice, it’s common for you to try overcoming addiction alone. However, self-detox can lead to negative results, including relapse. Many people relapse because they can’t handle uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Not only does it often lead to relapse, but it can be very dangerous as well for your body. Dependency leads to many other heart and vital organ issues, putting your body under immense stress. Detox from heroin can lead to heart failure and other issues, which is why you should seek a professional drug detox. Understand that the key to addiction recovery is humbling yourself and finding the courage to ask for help.

Finding Help

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, First Step specializes in effective heroin detoxification treatment in a safe, serene environment. Our high-quality facility uses evidence-based therapy and medicinal approaches. Our compassionate staff understands withdrawal and we’ll be there to minimize potential complications.

Discover how our Florida detox center can help you build a strong recovery foundation. To learn more about our safe and effective programs, call First Step today at 877-389-1135.