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beautiful Florida coastline can help you beat your addiction when partnered with an effective detox programThere’s something about the Atlantic coastline in areas such as West Palm Beach, Florida; you can enjoy gorgeous and inspiring views as you relax in the sun or search for unique shells while the ocean breaks soothingly. South Florida is known for sunny, tropical weather, but on summer afternoons and evenings, you can also watch impressive thunderstorms rolling in.

However you like to enjoy your time on the coast, it can be therapeutic and help you deal with stress. And while some time at or near the beach can also be helpful when you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, sun, sand, and waves are no replacement for professional Florida detox services.

What Is Florida Detox?

Detox involves getting off of drugs or alcohol in an environment that’s carefully controlled by medical and therapeutic professionals. It might be easy to relax a bit at the beach or enjoy Florida sun as you explore Norton Gallery Park — even if storms rain on your parade, you can escape to indoor pursuits at the Norton Museum of Art. However, if you’re physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, withdrawal symptoms and cravings could interrupt your day of South Florida fun.

It can be very difficult to quit on your own when physical dependency rears its head, which is why we offer medically assisted detox options in West Palm Beach.

Medically assisted detox addresses the symptoms of withdrawal, which can include sleep problems, nausea, vomiting, shakes and tremors, anxiety, mood swings, paranoia, sweating and muscle aches and pain. Clinical staff — including doctors and nurses — work with you to treat these symptoms with appropriate medical interventions while weaning you off whatever substance you’re dependent on. It usually takes a few days to a week for your body to detoxify from a substance and pass through the bulk of the most severe withdrawal symptoms.

Why Professional Detox Is Important

Relying on professional treatment rather than the admittedly alluring calm of the beach lets you quit using drugs or alcohol in an environment that’s both comfortable and safe. And when you don’t have to worry constantly about dealing with the physical nature of withdrawal symptoms, you’re better able to concentrate on your therapy and other aspects of drug and alcohol detox. These interventions help you understand triggers for substance abuse and help you develop healthier coping mechanisms that let you look forward to the potential for a sober life.

If you’re looking for drug or alcohol detox in South Florida, contact us to take the first step toward a drug-free body and life today. Call us at 877-389-1135 or contact us today, and someone will get back to you with information soon.