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young woman experiencing Emotional Side Effects People often talk about the physical symptoms of withdrawal, but they rarely focus on the emotional ones. While the physical symptoms of a detox are well worth discussing, so too are the emotional and mental symptoms that you’ll experience during withdrawal.

Sometimes, the emotional side effects of the detoxification process can be even more difficult to manage than the physical ones, because they are unseen, easily misunderstood, and can be more difficult to control. One important thing to remember, however, is that you aren’t alone, and the emotional experiences you’ll have are very common during treatment.

Cleansing Affects Your Mood and Your Outlook

One of the most noticeable emotional effects of a detox is the havoc it can wreak on your mood, which can lead to behavioral changes. People going through withdrawal often experience extreme mood disturbances, including frequent mood swings, irritability, and restlessness. Mental cravings, even after your body isn’t addicted, are also very common, and this can lead to even worse irritability and mood disturbances.

Insomnia is often one of the physical side effects, and this can leave you without energy and feeling tired all the time. Constant exhaustion of this nature breeds a lack of motivation and enthusiasm, which can make it difficult to get things done and impossible to feel hope or optimism for the future.

Dangers of the Emotional Side Effects of Treatment

Cleansing can also cause some very dangerous emotional side effects, and some drugs, in particular, can have life-threatening mental withdrawal symptoms. Among the worst symptoms are anxiety, an inability to experience pleasure, and suicidal thoughts, which are further exacerbated by the feelings of depression and social isolation that also accompany a cleanse.

Moreover, for substance abusers who aren’t being closely monitored, the severe cravings frequently lead to using again, because this can seem like the only way to alleviate the negative emotions and physical effects of withdrawal. Unfortunately, the frequency and severity of accidental overdoses skyrocket during this time, because the detox period lessens your body’s tolerance for the drug, making it easier to take too much if you don’t adjust the dose accordingly.

The best way to ensure that the emotional side effects of your withdrawal will be manageable is to undergo a supervised detox at a trusted facility. The trained staff and experienced medical personnel can help you through the worst of your physical, mental, and emotional withdrawal symptoms, and will be there every step of the way if you need additional assistance or medical attention.

Getting sober can seem impossible when you combine the emotional side effects of a detox with intense cravings, but living a clean and healthy life is possible. The important thing is to remind yourself that the symptoms will pass, your health and emotional well-being will improve, you will regain control of your life, and your hope for the future will return. Call us today for more information 877-389-1135.