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When it’s time to regain control of your life, you may have to wrestle it away from drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, it can be a messy and uncomfortable process. At a high-quality detox facility, compassionate professionals dig in there with you and help you overcome a physical addiction. But which clinic is right for you?

Separating a Questionable Venue from a High-Quality Facility

It’s going to take a proven medical detox protocol to help you kickstart your addiction recovery. If a facility offers buzzwords but is light on providing actual information about its medication intervention, proceed carefully. For example, did you know that some medications could be harmful to your success? Detailed questions require detailed answers.

Choose a Facility that Specializes in Aiding with the Withdrawal Process

Medical Professional Talking with Client at Our Detox FacilitySome institutions claim that they provide drug detox as well as subsequent rehab. But consider the number of staff members this type of undertaking would need. Does the venue have a large number of employees on site at all times?

When considering a facility, you should make sure it offers:

  • Drug and alcohol withdrawal assistance that names specific substances like opiates, benzos, or cocaine
  • A comprehensive intake assessment that evaluates program participants for medical and psychological health problems
  • Individualized recovery plans for each person in the program
  • Consistent medical monitoring as you undergo the process to prevent the onset of potentially dangerous medical conditions
  • A forward-looking discharge protocol that encourages enrollment at a rehab facility and assists with the steps as needed

Because each person’s needs are different, no two treatment plans can be alike. Some individuals can quit substances without the need for tapering, but others can’t. The therapists need to meet you at your current state of being rather than where you want to be. Together, you’ll begin working toward your goals.

Does the Treatment Process Hurt?

Treatment will inevitably bring unpleasant discomfort. That said, it shouldn’t be a painful experience. Medical professionals are on standby to alleviate pain as needed. Since only you know when discomfort turns into pain, it’s vital that you communicate openly and honestly with your therapist.

In fact, it can be an excellent experience that helps you to clear your mind and ready you for psychotherapy at rehab. It may make it possible to learn new extracurricular activities that replace the time spent on seeking and doing drugs. Because customization is a fundamental component of high-quality programs, friendly therapists can help you with choosing these activities. Remember also that detox is relatively short. In a week or a little longer, you’ll finish this segment of treatment.

If you need help with a substance abuse problem today, reach out for assistance from First Step. Experts work with you to customize a treatment protocol that meets your needs and ensures your comfort. Dial 877-389-1135 now for immediate help.