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The first step on the road to recovery isn’t addiction treatment at a rehab facility. Instead, it’s a medically supervised detoxification at a specialized treatment center. This professional setting allows you to withdraw safely from alcohol or drugs. It also breaks the physical component of addiction.

Overcoming a Physiological Addiction

When your body insists that you can’t live or function without a particular drug, you suffer from a physical addiction. Because many drugs rewrite your brain’s chemistry, these signals can range from moderate to extremely strong. Although you know intellectually that you don’t need another drink to survive, your body tells you something else. This is a situation where a detox center can help you put an end to these messages.

Addiction Treatment You Get at First Step

Woman Speaking with Medical Professional During Addiction TreatmentA high-quality drug or alcohol detox will present you with an environment that emphasizes comfort and provides recreational opportunities. A fully staffed team sees to your housekeeping, treatment, and nutritional needs. The best facilities offer a multi-pronged approach to treatment, which might include:

  • Intake assessment, which gives staff members an opportunity to learn about your health and drug use
  • Drug use inventory in the case of multiple substance abuse situations
  • Withdrawal plan formation that specifies whether you will taper, quit using immediately, or use medications to wean off the substances
  • Medically supervised withdrawal, which keeps you safe and protected from potentially life-threatening symptoms
  • Counseling that assists you with taking the next step on your path to recovery

The goal of detoxification is a physical stabilization that gives your system a chance to reset. By breaking the physiological addiction to a substance, you prepare yourself to deal with the psychological and emotional dependence aspects. After all, it’s difficult enough to stop using a substance to which you’ve developed an addiction. But when you have your mind and body insisting that you need it to stay alive, it’s virtually impossible.

Heading to a Comprehensive Program after Treatment

Excellent inpatient detox programs emphasize recovery support. Therapists at these centers work hard to keep you safe and comfortable. They want you to see that surviving without the substance is not only possible but also better than using. That’s difficult to do when you’re in pain.

The more comfortable you are during the process, the more likely you’ll be to seek out rehab next. By tackling the physiological addiction, you take a significant step forward. Since a medical detox also significantly reduces drug cravings, it clears your mind and strengthens your resolve. Doing so lets you move into counseling almost seamlessly.

If your life is out of control and you’re ready to take charge again, discuss your plans with the therapists at First Step in West Palm Beach, Florida. Professionals at our Florida drug detox help you or someone you love deal with a broad range of substance abuse problems. Moreover, we help you find a rehab clinic that meets your individual needs once you finish detoxification. Dial 877-817-4776 today for immediate assistance!