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Above all else at First Step, we take pride in helping people overcome their addiction struggles, and live a healthier and happier life. We’re dedicated to you and your success, and providing you with the assistance you need to stabilize and begin the process of recovery.


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First Step Detox was awesome! The first detox that I have been to that did NOT take a punitive approach. The staff were caring, compassionate, had empathy and respect. I felt very safe from the minute I entered this facility. I had confidence in the detox protocol, and was very comfortable and felt supported.

Michele F

Was treated very sensitively and greatly appreciated their consideration because I was scared. Good food, nice rooms, clean, fantastic friendly, caring and helpful staff.


Getting clean and sober is not easy. My stay at 1st step was the best decision of my life. They saved my life. They treated me with kindness, understanding and compassion. The fear of detoxing keeps many of us addicts from seeking help. They made me comfortable throughout the process and kept me busy. I did not suffer. They had a great helpful staff, good food, yoga, art therapy and a bio chair which really relaxed me.

Glenn S

Personalized Holistic Care

As opposed to many other substance abuse treatment centers, we emphasize providing completely personalized services, along with a comfortable and caring environment. All of our patients are treated with dignity and respect.

That’s why we’re always so happy to showcase success stories and testimonials from the many men and women who left our facility as completely different people compared to how they entered.