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Above all else at First Step, we take pride in helping people overcome their addiction problems, and live a healthier and happier life. We’re dedicated to you and your success, and providing you with the assistance you need to conquer your demons, reach your goals, and regain your sobriety.

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I was sober for 3 years before coming to the first step detox. I must say that I was extremely impressed by the medical staff, and the attention they gave me the entire time I was there. In the last place, I seemed to be another number, and was lost in the mix.


I was shaking, and having some scary withdrawal symptoms the last time I went to detox. This time when I came here, everything went well, and I don’t remember a minute of feeling uncomfortable. You were all very professional. I am grateful.


The process was smooth, and quick. They made sure I was comfortable every step of the way, and kept in communication with my family. The amenities here made it seem less like a hospital, and more like a relaxing place to safely detox. Thanks.


My wife was threatening to leave me, and I really didn’t have many options. I was deciding between a place in Fort Lauderdale, and here. When I arrived, I was shocked that the setting was laid back, and not like a hospital. The other place I went was not like this.


We Emphasize Completely Personalized Services

As opposed to many other substance abuse treatment centers, we emphasize providing completely personalized services, along with a comfortable and caring environment which aids you on your journey. When you come to First Step for inpatient substance abuse treatment, you’ll be treated like family.

That’s why we’re always so happy to showcase detox success stories and testimonials from the many men and women who left our facility as completely different people compared to how they entered.

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