Detoxification from Methadone

Methadone addiction can be frightening both for the individuals who are suffering from it, as well as their family members and friends. Your journey towards a brighter future and sobriety begins with methadone detox.

First Step has helped thousands of patients, and we are ready and waiting 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to take your call and help you as well. Learn more about our Florida methadone detox center services below.

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About Our Florida Methadone Detox Center

Methadone is actually an opiate. While used as a pain reliever and analgesic, it is most commonly associated with usage for heroin addiction. This has been controversial over the years but has produced results with treatment for addiction and maintenance.

However, as an opioid, it itself is also addictive, and can be abused and misused. It is a misconception that methadone addiction is not serious, or that “since it’s not as bad as heroin”, users are better off. Methadone addiction and abuse is still quite dangerous and destructive which is why we recommend attending our Florida methadone detox center for treatment.

It is important to note that First Step does not prescribe or utilize any narcotics for methadone detox or rehabilitation except in instances when it is medically necessary.

As you detox from methadone in Florida, withdrawal symptoms may include:

• Vomiting, nausea and diarrhea
• Fever and chills
• Body aches and pains
• Tremors
• Agitation and anxiety
• Depression

Methadone withdrawal is not as severe as heroin withdrawal, however its severity and intensity will differ from patient to patient.

That’s why our experienced staff is always available, at each step of the process, to offer guidance and care.

Each person will go through their own unique process and there’s no such thing as a single solution or single path.

Why Choose First Step for Methadone Detox?

First Step strives to be different from other Florida methadone detox centers. We do this by offering highly personalized assistance, with tailor-made plans based on you, your experiences and your needs. We provide caring support and assistance, and we treat every patient who enters our program as a family member.

We understand what you’re going through, and we actively seek to minimize the pain and discomfort of your experience. Recovery from an addiction to methadone may never be a simple or easy process, but with our help, it is achievable, and you can and will succeed.

At our facility in Florida, you’ll stay in your own luxury room, and have a private flat screen television. There are beautiful outdoor scenic areas, and a variety of opportunities to be involved with activities and recreation, as well as a community area with entertainment center. We believe our environment will be an asset to you in your recovery.

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Take Charge of Your Life Starting Today

Our experienced professionals are ready and waiting to provide you with the help you need and deserve. You can take control of your life once again, and move onto a healthier and happier lifestyle with a foundation of sobriety.

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