Have you decided that your drinking is a problem you can’t solve alone? You’ve made a smart and brave decision. Keep in mind, however, that a successful recovery starts with a comprehensive detox program. At First Step Detox in Florida, you can undergo a safe, comfortable medically supervised alcohol detox.

Why You Need Alcohol Detox

Counselor Consoling Patient During Alcohol Detox ProcessYou know the warning signs of alcohol dependence. A successful recovery depends on a professional alcohol detox program. Weaning yourself off alcohol isn’t realistic. “I’ll just have one more drink,” turns into another night of drinking.

Trying to quit cold turkey can be extremely dangerous. Medically supervised detox ensures that you:

  • Avoid possibly life-threatening complications like seizures, paranoia and hallucinations
  • Don’t put your family through the trauma of caring for you during detox
  • Detox in a place where you can’t access alcohol and relapse
  • Have counselors available any time you need support
  • Undergo treatment in a tranquil environment where you can concentrate on your recovery
  • Get advice from medical professionals about the next step after detox

Why Alcohol Detox Is So Important

Alcohol addiction takes a tremendous toll on your health and life. Cirrhosis is far from the only physical consequence of alcoholism. Alcohol dependence can lead to pancreatitis, gastritis and even increase your chances of developing various forms of cancer. In particular, esophageal cancer is strongly linked to alcohol dependence.

Alcohol dependence keeps you from living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s malnutrition or obesity, alcohol abuse can cause weight problems that can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Alcohol dependence affects every aspect of your life. Your children learn bad habits. Your work suffers. Drinking and driving could lead to a tarnished criminal record.

Our detox programs dramatically increase your chances of successfully beating alcoholism. There are so many good reasons to stop drinking. Don’t let fear of withdrawal stand in your way when you can detox comfortably at First Step Detox.

Alcohol Detox at First Step Detox

When you come to First Step Detox, a medical professional will sit down with you and learn all about you. Using information from this thorough assessment, we’ll collaborate with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

We focus on a holistic, natural approach to healing from alcohol abuse. A holistic approach makes sense because you’re trying to get toxins out of your body, not develop another addiction. The last thing that you need is to become dependent on prescription medications during detox.

During the early stages of the detox process, you’re in a fragile state of mind. The goal of professional detox is to help you return to a life free from dependence on any substance. Therapy gives you coping skills to deal with life without alcohol or drugs.

During your stay at our facility, you’ll have plenty of time for relaxation. You can watch TV in your suite, socialize in our community area or find a tranquil area outside for meditation. We have extracurricular activities to start you on the way to regaining your physical fitness.

To start breaking alcohol’s hold over your life, call our Florida alcohol detox center today at 877-817-4776.